Stained Glass

The true story of a Roman Catholic priest seduced by a 17 year old
high school athlete and his mother’s intervention in Church policies.

STAINED GLASS, a controversial play by Sean Moran about the Catholic Church and child molestation.

Production Kits

The production kit includes everything needed to mount your production of Stained Glass:

• 4 cast script books
• 1 director script book
• 1 tech script book
• sample press release
• typical publicity photo
• artwork on CD

Includes Media Mail shipping in the U.S.

Amateur Production $50
Professional Production $75

Performance Royalties

Performance royalties are flat-rate per performance.

First Performance $75
All Remaining Performances $50

To order, download:

Stained Glass Order Form
Play Performance Rights Agreement

• Print 1 copy of the order form.
• Complete the order form.
• Print 2 copies of the agreement.
• Sign both copies of the agreement.
• Mail all three to:

Go With The Flo Productions Inc.
1106 E. Main Street
Cherryvale, KS 67335-1619
(620) 702-5118


STAINED GLASS, a controversial play by Sean Moran about the Catholic Church and child molestation.

STAINED GLASS is the true story of KURT FITZPATRICK and the events that unfold during his 1983 high school senior year. He’s a star athelete, excellent student and altar server at St. Victor’s Roman Catholic Church. He’s also in love.

FATHER MICHAEL ALDEN is the charismatic leader of his parish. He preaches in the aisles, his calendar is packed with community appointments and he loves being a priest. His vows and love of his Church are tested when Kurt confesses to Michael he has fallen in love — with him. Thus begins their secret affair — and deception.

BARBARA FITZPATRICK learns of the affair just weeks before Kurt turns eighteen. With the law on her side, she campaigns to have Father Alden held responsible for the molestation of a minor.

BISHOP TIMOTHY SUTTON, faced with his diocese’s first public scandal, intends to save Father Alden’s vocation. He sends his priest to a Church cabin retreat to await trial.

The story unfolds as they meet at the cabin unexpectedly and their relationships explode in confrontation.

With an outcome not unexpected, the play ends with severe consequences for Father Alden, Kurt and Barbara. Now, they must work to create a fragile peace, all realizing how much they have loved and lost.

3 men, 1 woman, 1 set, period early-1980’s.

STAINED GLASS was originally written as a stageplay in 1984 and debuted at the Déja Vu Theatre in Hollywood in May 1986 and ran to sold-out audiences for 28 weeks. It was reviewed in nearly every major and minor newspaper and magazine in the Los Angeles area. A poster of the two principal cast members pictured above could be found on telephone and light poles everywhere. It created quite a sensation at the time.

It was revived at Theatre Theatre in Hollywood in 1994 and was again sold-out for six weeks.