Immaculate Deception

At the Convent of the Holy Inquisition, the Sisters of Christ on the Cross are dropping off like flies. Old age? Accidents? God’s punishment?
No — MURDER! But who, what, where, when and why? Join the mystery and the fun with body number one — a sweetly departed nun.

Production Kits

The production kit includes everything needed to mount your production of Immaculate Deception:

• 9 cast script books
• 1 director script book
• 1 tech script book
• sample press release
• artwork on CD

Includes Media Mail shipping in the U.S.

Amateur Production $110
Professional Production $135

Performance Royalties

Performance royalties are flat-rate per performance.

First Performance $75
All Remaining Performances $50


In a small city not too far from your own lies a mystery, literally, a dead nun! At the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Christ on the Cross at the Convent of the Holy Inquisition, someone is killing the dear sisters — one-by-one!

Sister Gideon must now bring the chaos to order after Mother Mary Malificent, recently out of the cloister, has been gunned down — almost in front of Sister Mary Sakajaweea — the order’s first Native American Sister — tomahawk and all!

Sister Mary Keller can’t help — she only talks to God. Sister Senilia, well — she’s been a bit off lately. Sister Stephen, oddly enough, is only concerned with the enormous amount of mail that Sister Mary Kay receives every day — and what is she doing in the kitchen?

Sister Dramaticata, Melvin Goldstein and the killer himself round out the cast of Heavenly creatures, bingo games, and hilarious situations.

7 women, 2 men, 1 set, present day.

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