Immaculate Deception Play Published

Convent Whodunit Murder Mystery Play “Immaculate Deception” Published

Go With The Flo Productions announced it has published and is making available for public performance the play Immaculate Deception, a rollicking murder mystery convent whodunit written by Sëan Moran, for performance by amateur and professional theatre groups.

“Immaculate Deception is a fun, wacky evening with a group of off-center nuns,” said author Sëan Moran, “It’s completely suitable for school and college production and was originally written for a drama class at an all-girls school.”

The fast-paced show is set at the Convent of the Holy Inquisition, where the Sisters of Christ on the Cross are dropping like flies. Old age? Accidents? A punishment from God? No, even worse — it’s MURDER! But who, what, where, when and why? Audiences share in the mystery and the fun, starting with body number one — a sweetly departed Nun. The show runs in two acts with one intermission.

The play will soon be available on and will retail for $9.95. Perusal copies in PDF format are available at no charge to school, community and professional theatre groups on request at

The show is published by Go With The Flo Productions and packaged as a complete kit with everything needed to mount a theatre group’s production. The kit contains 11 script books, sample press release and artwork on a CD for the producer’s convenience.