Stained Glass

The true story of a Roman Catholic priest seduced by a 17 year old high school athlete and his mother’s intervention in Church policies.

April Mills
(818) 667-9529


STAINED GLASS is the true story of CURT FITZPATRICK and the events that unfold during his 1984 high school senior year. He and his twin SULLY, are both on the top of the world — star athletes, excellent students and both altar servers at St. Victor’s Roman Catholic Church. Their mother, BARBARA, is also the Church Secretary.

FATHER MICHAEL ALDEN is the charismatic leader of this congregation. He preaches in the aisles, his calendar is packed with community appointments. He loves being a priest. His vows and love of his Church are about to be tested as Curt, although not inexperienced in sexual relationships, confides in Michael that for the first time he has fallen in love — with him. Michael is shocked at this confession and torn by feelings he has buried for years. Thus begins their secret affair — and deception.

Although Curt feels he can confide in his best friend EDDIE SHEA, he has not done so to his mother or his twin brother. Barbara and Sully notice Curt has been unlike himself and she discovers letters from her parish priest to her son.

Neither Barbara or Sully’s reactions to this relationship are positive and Barbara confronts Father Alden. She files suit against the Church, BISHOP TIMOTHY SUTTON and Michael Alden just as the priest is swept away in the dead of night to avoid publicity.

Curt’s home and high school life unravel in the coming months. Finally, he learns where Michael was taken and goes to him. After his arrival, the Bishop, Priest and the boy are joined by Barbara. Their meeting does not go well.

As the trial unfolds in a hailstorm of media coverage, Curt refuses to testify but states to the court that it was he who seduced the priest and it is he who should serve the sentence. With an outcome not unexpected, the trial ends with severe consequences for Father Alden. Curt and Barbara work to re-unite with a fragile peace, both realizing how much they have loved — and lost.