Stained Glass Play Published

Controversial Play “Stained Glass” Published



Go With The Flo Productions announced it has published and is making available for public performance the controversial 1984 play Stained Glass, a drama written by Sëan Moran, for performance by amateur and professional theatre groups.

Written by Sëan Moran in 1984 and produced on the Los Angeles stage in 1986, the original production was directed by Michael Donovan and ran sold-out for 28 weeks. It was revived in 1994 under the direction of Larry Dusich and ran for another six weeks.

“Stained Glass is a compelling true story about people, but more importantly, it is a story about love and commitment,” said author Sëan Moran, “The subject is as relevant and controversial today as it was then, perhaps even more so.”

The play deals with one of the most emotionally-charged issues in today’s headlines — child molestation — when it focuses on the alleged seduction of a Catholic priest by a 17 year old altar boy. Moran explains, “The play is based on a true situation — in this case, the boy in question actually maintained that he was the seducer, not the priest. The approach to the subject matter is not just documentary, but dramatic, and the resulting play is fascinating and entertaining.”

Stained Glass is the true story of Kurt Fitzpatrick, a high school senior, athlete and altar server at St. Victor’s, who seduced and had a secret affair with his priest, Father Michael Alden. The affair was discovered by the young man’s mother just weeks before his eighteenth birthday and she sued the priest and the Church for the molestation of a minor. The priest’s Bishop sends him away to a rustic Church retreat in the mountains to await trial. The story unfolds as they all meet at the cabin unexpectedly and their relationships explode in confrontation.

The show is published by Go With The Flo Productions and packaged as a complete kit with everything needed to mount a theatre group’s production. The kit contains six bound scripts, sample publicity photo from the original production, sample press release prepared by a public relations firm and artwork, all on a CD for the producer’s convenience.