Gilded Piano

A spirited octogenarian, a gifted savant and one magical secret changes their lives forever.

Mary McGinley, a widowed senior citizen, faces life alone as she fights to keep her house from being demolished to make way for a shopping mall. The city wants to force her out so they can make money on the project. In dire straits with no water or power, she manages to live a simple life.

Brian Harmon loses his parents in a car accident and he also faces the future alone, and he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

At All Angels Church, happenstance introduces Mary to Brian, where he declares, “You’re old.” She retorts, “You’re odd as hell.” And so a special friendship is born between this seventy-five year old woman and a pudgy thirty-five year old man.

Brian has a secret … and it will change their lives forever.

With only a concerned judge to aid Mary and a litigator who handles Brian’s trust, they work to overcome obstacles placed in their path.

Join them for a heartwarming journey based on real life events.

April Mills
(818) 667-9529