Mud Alley Midgets

A twelve year old’s baseball team discovers a mobster buried under home plate and they shuffle “it”
around town to avoid getting caught so they can practice to win the big game on Saturday.

HASBEEN HOTEL is very charming … MUD ALLEY MIDGETS is lots of fun… they were both well written pieces … I hope you will continue to think of us for material in the future.”

Cameron Johann
Hallmark Hall of Fame

April Mills
(818) 667-9529


MUD ALLEY MIDGETS is the story of a twelve year old outsider, Peabody, and his dream to play baseball. Seen through his eyes, he chronicles his adventures in a journal he keeps for his absent father.

With his newly formed baseball team of 12 year olds, labeled as misfits by older school kids, they surmount their first hurdle — a body they find buried under home plate at Mud Alley. Victor and Vito, a duo of dimwit brothers temping for the mob, haphazardly left their charge in the wrong place. Their boss, Lucianno D’Agistino, needs the body back — and fast.

Peabody’s team, the Mud Alley Midgets, must learn to work together to win at baseball. Since they practice at Mud Alley, they must move the body somewhere else temporarily. After they win the game, they’ll tell the police.

Victor and Vito are desperate to find the body. They also have a hurdle — the Midgets. Ever since the Midgets showed up, the body is missing. The brothers quickly find a solution to their problem. Due to an unfortunate lack of parental interest, the Midgets need coaching. Victor and Vito have found a way to gain the kids’ confidence.

It’s misfits helping Midgets, tied together by their love of baseball, a very dead body, mutual respect and genuine friendship for each other.

In a succession of hilarious circumstances, things get complicated as the Midgets move the body from one safe haven to another, barely a step ahead of Victor and Vito.

Happy ending? Of course, after navigating a comedy minefield only a band of 12 year olds could see. With the charm of BAD NEWS BEARS, the comic elements of WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S, and the heart of STAND BY ME … MUD ALLEY MIDGETS is a story any family would enjoy.