Born Again

A teen accidentally killed by the Mother Superior at his Catholic school returns from the dead to seek revenge and fall in love.

BORN AGAIN: Second Chance to Raise Hell from screenwriters Sean Moran and Don Bledsoe at Go With The Flo Productions.

April Mills
(818) 667-9529


In 1959, Sebastien St. John, teen student at Mater Christe Catholic School, is caught with a girl in a storage room below the Chapel by the school’s Mother Superior. To teach him a lesson, she locks him in a trunk for the night, retreats upstairs to the Chapel to pray, suffers a stroke and ends up in a coma. Trapped and forgotten in the trunk, Sebastien dies.

Present day teen students Austin, Hannah and Courtney explore the chapel basement looking for a place to smoke pot and stumble upon the trunk storage room. Sifting through a trunk, they snag Sebastien’s skeleton. Scared, they run from the room and upstairs they accidentally knock over the holy water receptacle and the water seeps through the floor. The dripping water hits Sebastien’s hand and brings him back to life. Consumed with rage, Sebastien finds an elderly nun cleaning the chapel floor and kills her savagely with a crucifix.

Yearning to connect with the past he left behind, Sebastien visits his mother’s home and meets a precocious twelve year old.

Just barely able to keep his emotions in check, Sebastien soon learns that when crossed, he is unable to control his rage, with death and destruction in his wake.

Following a meeting with Det. Alvarez, the school principal, Mother Jennifer, calls a school assembly in the gym and introduces Father Patrick, grief counselor. The school handyman bursts in and announces he found another body, an electrocuted school jock.

Events take a turn when Sebastien watches Hannah rehearse the school play, Romeo and Juliet, and is clearly smitten by Hannah as Juliet.

Mother Jennifer meets with Det. Alvarez and Father Patrick and learns that he’s really a detective and she reveals that Mother Margaret awoke from a coma just four days earlier.

At the local pizza place, Sebastien joins Austin, Courtney and Hannah and it’s plain that Sebastien and Hannah are falling in love and he learns that love can be complicated, even for the undead.

Sebastien continues killing and falls deeper in love with Hannah. Even with help from Mother Jennifer, the police investigation goes nowhere. Sebastien tries to learn the whereabouts of Mother Margaret, his murderer.

Det. Alvarez learns Sebastien’s true identity as Sebastien learns the location of his murderer and the race is on to save her from certain death. Austin has also pieced together the puzzle and is hot on Sebastien’s trail.

In the end, Sebastien kidnaps Mother Margaret and takes her to the trunk room to hand out the same punishment she gave him more than fifty years earlier, but Austin finds them and Sebastien is returned to the dead with the help of Mother Margaret.

At Sebastien’s funeral, Hannah secretly pours holy water on his grave.