Hasbeen Hotel

Retired “movies” live in a once-grand Hollywood hotel, fight the wrecking ball to save their home and get back in the game of life.

Once a playground for the Hollywood elite, retired residents of the The Hastings Hotel fight to save their home in Hasbeen Hotel.

HASBEEN HOTEL is very charming … MUD ALLEY MIDGETS is lots of fun… they were both well written pieces … I hope you will continue to think of us for material in the future.”

Cameron Johann
Hallmark Hall of Fame

April Mills
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MANUEL SALADOR wins a Hollywood hotel in a poker game and believes his money worries are over. The Hastings Hotel, a grand jewel where Hollywood royalty wines and dines, is his.

Little does he know, The Hastings has become the Hasbeen, along with its residents. This home of the stars of yesteryear is now a throw-back to an era long gone. Much like AGNES OLIVER, C.B. SCHWARTZ, BESSIE McFARLAND, POLLY WINSOM, WINSTON DUPRE, and DESMOND PRUITT, it hangs on by a thread.

Manuel shows up to discover the true Hastings Hotel and his money problems are just beginning. He sees the only way out is to sell the hotel — fast.

TIFFANY TAYLOR, a fresh-faced youngster from the corn fields of Nebraska, moves in to save money on the rent while she goes to community college studying to be an actress. Armed with an encyclopaedic memory for old movie trivia, she takes on the challenge of helping the residents save their home.

At a meeting of the residents, Agnes hits upon the perfect solution: These octogenarians will go back to work! It’s assumed that C.B. Schwartz, who’s directed the likes of Bette Davis, will have no problem directing the new music video for what’s-her-who Cartier … and exactly what is a music video anyway?

Winston, once one of the most sought after designers in Hollywood, fares better and gets a job wrangling women’s wardrobe on a Paramount period piece. The production is going badly, mostly due to its volatile and explosive star’s incessant complaining about her gowns.

As they all become gainfully employed, things turn from bad to worse and the residents get some devastating news.

This Hollywood story has a happy ending, but we can’t spoil it for you.