Queen Dad

A homophobic boy finds the father he’s never seen and must learn to adapt to a new reality when his plumber dad turns out to be a drag queen.

Filmed entirely on location in Burlington, Vermont, “Queen Dad” is a story of a modern-day family in crisis with a twist.

Queen Dad Season 1

Episode 1 — “Drips Are a Drag”
A glimpse into the daytime plumbing world of Monty Ellis as his son, Jack, arrives in town, searching for the father he’s never seen.

Episode 2 — “Meet Jack and Jameson”
Monty and Jack begin to learn about each other and over drinks they discuss the past. Henry surprises Monty.

Episode 3 — “No Homo”
Betty offers Jack a job and Jack finds out Henry stayed the night with Monty.

Episode 4 — “Halloween Bashed”
Henry gets bad news from the doctor and it’s Halloween at The Malebox.

Episode 5 — “Testosterone Trouble”
Nick and Henry make overtures to Monty as he recuperates and Jack has an idea.

Queen Dad Season 2

Episode 1 — “Kung Fu Funeral”
A death in the Malebox family. Susan is up to no good. The memorial erupts into chaos.

Episode 2 — “Baby Blues”
New strippers audition at the club. Jack meets a girl. Betty learns why Susan has followed Jack to Vermont.

Episode 3 — “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”
Susan crashes Jack’s birthday party and Monty’s brother shows up unexpectedly.

Episode 4 — “Got Your Back, Jack”
Secrets are revealed about Jack and Nick.

Episode 5 — “The Big Finish”
With the family in crisis mode, Henry provides an escape.



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