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The Diary Of A Movie Greaser: Remembering Grease From Start To Finish

The personal account of joining the cast of the acclaimed movie musical Grease through production. INCLUDES SHIPPING and PERSONALIZED INSCRIPTION that you specify HAND-SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.

"The Diary Of A Movie Greaser" is a straightforward, non-embellished look back in time, a veritable trip down memory lane aided only by a nearly 40 year old dog-eared daily diary. This nostalgic remembrance of the author's break in Hollywood as an actor/singer/dancer under contract for the entire production schedule for Paramount's musical movie Grease, is peppered with personal anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and fond memories of celebrities no longer with us. You'll be right there with him at his "bare-all" audition in New York, and his settling in to the California lifestyle. Come to rehearsals before the cameras rolled to the actual shooting of iconic Grease musical numbers. Along the way, read Sean's production notes that give a seldom-seen view of what it's like making movie history. So, turn back the clock to 1977 and come along and live it with Sean Moran as he remembers Grease from start to finish.

“You are more than a "fly on the wall" as you live and breathe with Sean behind the scenes, complete with never before seen photos and hilarious anecdotes. The Diary Of A Movie Greaser offers you the ultimate insider’s experience.”
Didi “Frenchy” Conn

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Reader Comments

Grease Is Always The Word!

Great insight into the classic movie "Grease" by Sean Moran, who played "Moose", one of the dancers in the film. I've been a fan of "Grease" since I saw it at the age of 11 and this book takes the reader behind the scenes with never- before-seen outtake photos and rare stories of the production. You'll feel like a part of the making of this classic as Sean takes you back to 1977 - a must-read for "Grease" fans! A++++
Anthony L., Columbus, OH

There's some Grease in most of us.

So it is not about rocket science or a even serious climate change or a study in anthropology, it is a great read! A trip to a time when we had Grease and laughter and a sense of better days. Mr. Moran gives a real insider's view on not just Grease, but the times. To be honest, I'm going to read it again, hopefully on a rainy day in Southern California and escape all the current news a strife. Face it, Grease is the word. Was, Is and will be. So I'm a Boomer. Deal with it....
Craig H., North Hollywood, CA

Wonderful read!

Loved the movie - love this book! Sean Moran gives us an inside look at the making of an amazing production! Felt like I was there! Love love love it!
Donna D., Burlington, VT

Wonderful & Insightful

I have loved this movie from the very first day it came out. I have many books written about Grease but this one is special. It's written by one of the main dancers, his love of this movie and fond memories of filming it really come through Sean Moran is passionate and conveys that passion to the reader. He remembers every detail, beginning with the auditions through the filming and the premieres. As a fan I thought I pretty much knew everything about the movie but because of his personal involvement he takes the reader back in time. You actually feel as if you were one of the cast members too. I only wish the book was longer because I'm craving more information! I recommend this book highly, it's a feel-good nostalgic look back into the good old days!
Erin R.

Fans of the Film Grease Will Love This!

What fun this book is! I am such a fan of the movie with Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. This is written by one of the featured dancers in the production, Sean Moran, and there are some wonderful anecdotes and inside information. For fans of the film, this book is a must for the "scoop" on the film production of "Grease."

Fun read and great stocking stuffer idea for your fans of Grease friends!

I had so much fun reading this book! If you are a fan of the movie, which who isn't right, you will thoroughly enjoy taking this trip down memory lane with Sean. The movie was such a big part of my childhood and now adulthood because it is the best album to sing in the car or make cleaning bearable. Now the next time I watch the movie I feel I will have kind of a backdoor pass into the magic of this iconic film. Awesome!!! Hopelessly Devoted Grease Fan Forever
Greta H., Phoenix, AZ

Please check it out.

Sean Moran acted in the movie, "Grease." Now he has written a gentle-spirited, good-news, tell-all about his experience participating in this classic film. It's short but packs a wallop as we are there from start to finish, and it's sad to see it (the filming of the movie AND the book) end. Please check it out. For the price of a trip to the movies, you can't go wrong as this is one of the best Hollywood memoirs I've read in a long time. So much so, the book, once again, is better than the film. Congrats Sean Moran but more than anything, thank you for making "Grease" special and relevant again. Please God, let there be a sequel!
Paisley Y.

It's wonderful!!!

Got it yesterday. Finished it yesterday! It's wonderful!!! Can't believe you remember so much. Learned so much about the 'boys' story! And you were so kind to me!!!! Loved every second. Wanted more, more, more.
Mimi Lieber, NYC, NY

Worth the read.

When you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, go for it! This is an excellent memoir of such an offer (duly earned) that propelled a career and forged lasting friendships. A behind the scenes look at the making of an iconic movie. Worth the read.
Michael P, Cheshire, CT


This book is the epitome of a FANS GUIDE TO THE MOVIE "GREASE". This is not your typical making of a movie book, this is a personal insight from one of the principal dancers. I am a lifelong fan of the movie and I always imagined, "I wonder what it was like to actually be there and be a part of history." Well, all my questions and then some were answered. I read it twice upon receiving it. The pics are never before seen and candid behind the scenes stories fill this MUST READ!!! Sean Moran is amazingly generous to share this story with fans of GREASE...if you're lifelong like I am? WE DESERVE THIS BOOK!!! HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY GREASE ... YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE WORD ... WORD UP!!!

This is a great nostalgic book with lots of delicious insights and tidbits...

How many of us grew up with Grease? This is a great nostalgic book with lots of delicious insights and tidbits only an "insider" and true Greaser could reveal! A true walk down memory lane you can share with those finding Grease today. My kids and grandkids (when they are a bit older) will fall in love all over again. We still sing the songs, in the car, at the beach, everywhere and all the time! Thanks Sean.
From a Greasette

A must for all Grease fans!

A must for all Grease fans- and there so many of us. A wonderful insight from Sean, detailing his experience from auditioning to filming. Like others I'm sure, ti me the dancers were as much a part of the movie as the other principles. Too often, those who are integral to the story are often cast aside and not given their voice, you will delighted with Sean's story. I found out so much I didn't know and a lot of it makes me happy! I am currently in NYC for work, close to the Lunt Fontaine theatre, to think that's where his journey began, gives me goosebumps. 5 stars
Sam S., New York, NY

Published: September 2016
82 pages, illustrated
ISBN: 978-0-9979411-0-4
Title: The Diary Of A Movie Greaser: Remembering Grease From Start To Finish
Author: Sean Moran with Don Bledsoe

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